It’s such tragic waste of time when clients don’t show, or even worse, you go to visit them an they are not there.

Zurili lets you reduce this to all-time lows with Automations. Much more than simple reminders, you build Automations around your appointments so you can address each of the possible points of failure.

For example, with a new patient, you can automate:

  1. A confirmation message 5 minutes after they book with the date and time of their appointment.
  2. A reminder 24 hours ahead that they have an appointment tomorrow
  3. A second reminder 1 hour ahead that you are expecting them shortly.

In fact, you can have as many or as few automations as you need to ensure your clients keep on schedule like you do.

You can send messages before or after the appointment is created, cancelled or fulfilled or missed. You can send the message to the client or to the service provider (practitioner). Messages are created from templates that you create so they will say exactly what you want with the client and appointment info merged in automatically.

If a client replies, you will be notified and that reply is stored in the clients Unified Communication log.

Automations will dramatically reduce your costly no-shows.

Automated messages are sent by Zurili’s integrated SMS.

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