Call centre backed


The first step to success is showing up, and in the world of business, the easiest way to build up clientele is to answer the phone.

Zurili has developed the “Concierge Service” which could be the most innovative and customisable of call centre procedures, to ensure that businesses using Zurili are providing their clients with the exact phone experience they desire.


The Zurili Concierge Service consist of highly trained phone operators who can answer calls in any language or accent you desire.

With the Zurili Concierge Service finding the appropriate people to answer calls is a thing of the past.

Professional Skills

Every profession is unique, with their own phrases, mannerisms and values. The Zurili Concierge Service team delivers that same uniqueness to whichever business they are working with no matter how big or small. The concierge team currently has experience working Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy and General Offices.

This list of experience is always growing and the Zurili Concierge Service team are truly able to adapt to any business.

Real appointments

Zurili’s cloud architecture allows the Personal Concierge service to work directly with businesses.

The Personal Concierge have complete access to each business’s calendar and is capable of booking appointments in real time. Each appointment booked with the Personal Concierge is synced with the business’s onsite system instantaneously.

New clients and appointments have never appeared so effortlessly.

Fully in Context

The Zurili Personal Concierge is a very human and personal service.

When taking a call, Zurili Personal Concierge team members are always informed of what business they are representing, when the business is available,  and exactly how they are to communicate with the customer.

With calls from repeat clientele, the Zurili Personal Concierge team has access to the all previously logged calls and all past appointments.

The Zurili Personal Concierge ensures that businesses are always providing customers with a personable and understanding point of contact.

Lead Booking

The Zurili Personal Concierge Service is far more than just a call centre.

The Zurili Personal Concierge can also be utilised to track down leads and secure and book all potential new clientele.

Zurili doesn’t just make the booking process easier, it can also actively generate new clientele.

Answering in Business Hours

With Zurili, businesses no longer need to worry about being available to answer calls from clients.

With the Concierge Service, businesses that work outside usual business hours do not need to have employees available to answer calls during regular business hours.

Being easily contacted has never been so simple.

Total Transparency

Zurili’s Personal Concierge Service has all calls recorded and stored for 180 days.

Business owners can listen to entire conversations between the Personal Concierge and clientele.

Zurili implements a rating and feed back system to ensure that the right Concierge Service team member is representing the right business.

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