Client visit notes

When your service providers meet with a client, they need to make notes about the visit.

Zurili makes this very easy with notes as short or as long as you want. Every note will always have a summary so you can easily scan through your notes for special event.

Attached to your notes you can add files. Just drag and drop and your files are uploaded very quickly to our local edge servers.

You can attach any file type you like but Zurili has special handling for jpg, png, pdf and dicom giving you instant preview of these file types, no matter how large the original. They are easily and instantly viewable on any device even mobile tablets and phones and even on very slow network connections.


Visit Notes and file storage is completely free.


All our files are stored on our secure servers and replicated across three different geographical regions to protect against catastrophic failure. Access is restricted to only those who you allow to access your data. See a deeper description of our Security Protocols.

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