Cloud Appointments

Cloud appointments allow you to have a booking optimisation super system, or what we like to call – the BOSS.

Always accessible

Access appointments anywhere and anytime you want and on any device with an internet connection. You can check appointments before heading to the office and book appointments while you are out and about. No longer are you limited just to the office.

Flexible available times

Pick your own hours and select specific appointment types for specific times.

Smart appointment placement

Appointments are always block-booked. Ensures you are fully booked but not overbooked.

Fully transportable

When your appointments are available in the cloud it is not only convenient for you, it also lets you make them available for other parties.  That means anyone who books appointments with you or for you will always get it right, like call answering service and online booking.

Still flexible

Drag and drop appointments. Place them into the dock area to easily move them to a different day. Or manually create an appointment and put it wherever you like.


As with every task, security is job zero at Zurili. So your Cloud Appointments will only be accessible to the people you want it to be accessible to.


Cloud Appointments in Zurili are FREE to use. You can find our pricing here.

Brendale, Queensland, Australia