Cloud Appointments

With your appointments in the cloud, you can access them from anywhere that is convenient to you or your team. You can check appointments before heading to the office and book appointments from anywhere at anytime. No longer are you limited to checking or making appointments only when someone is in the office.

But making your appointments available in the cloud is not only convenient for you, it also lets you make them available for other parties. In particular, call answering services and online booking.

Call Answering Services

If you are unable to answer your phone at every time during business hours, you are losing business. Zurili comes with a professional call centre at competitive prices in various languages that we call the Concierge Service.

But you are not limited to using our integrated service, you can use any call-answering service and still give them full access to your appointments so they can book real appointments in real-time straight into your appointment book.

The call-answering service loves it to, because they can see everything they need to know about your office on one page.

Still, if you want calls answered in a language that our Concierge Service supports, you won’t find any better professional call-booking answering service.

Online Booking

With you appointments in the cloud, we can also offer Online Booking. If you haven’t tried Online Booking, you are in for a treat because it works really well and clients love to use it.

Don’t worry, you clients can’t see you entire book – they are just offered 2 or 3 available times per shift.


As with every task, security is job zero at Zurili. So your Cloud Appointments will only be accessible to the people you want it to be accessible to.

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