Inbuilt VOIP

Zurili VOIP frees you dramatically from tethering landlines. As always, you can use as much or as little as you like.

VOIP Number

You can buy a number in any locality that you like with a choice of numbers. This is the way you receive calls in Zurili. Your new VOIP number can then be your public-facing number or if you already have a number you want to use, set up a redirect from your existing number to your new VOIP number. It depends on your telco but this is often free.

Receiving calls

Now when a call comes to your public-facing number, it will ring in Zurili on your PC or Mac. Anyone who is logged in to your site (with the right privileges) will receive the ring and the first person to take the call gets it. You can receive as many incoming calls as you have people to answer them. There is no limitation of ‘incoming lines’ anymore.

You can take the call using any headset but with the right one, you get a fully wireless connection with a regular phone ring in the base station. It’s just like your old phone, but now super-flexible.

You can take the all anywhere you have an internet connection – at work, at home, at your assistant’s home. And if you can’t take the call, you have many redirect options – voicemail, send to other number, send to concierge and combinations of these as it works for you.

Switching call options takes only a few seconds so it’s easy to change how your phone system behaves to have it exactly how you want it all the time.

Of course, now your incoming call is logged by the incoming number and to your client record along with a recording if you want it.

If the call is from a client or a previously connected number, you will see the history of all communication with that client or number as you’re on the call.

Making Calls

Calling a client? Just find them and click the ‘call’ button. No manual dialling.

Missed a call? Open the call event and click ‘call back’.

Calling a non-client number? Just key it in and click ‘dial’. You’ll still have the call logged just like a client call only it’s indexed only by the number. If you later add that number to a client, the call will then link to the new client.

Keeping in communication with your clients has never been easier. And communication is king.

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