Online Bookings

With Zurili, booking appointments has never been easier.

The online booking feature ensures that customers are no longer bound to business opening hours to make bookings. Appointments can now be remotely booked, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In today’s world more and more people want to use online booking…

In FACT: 42% of people wanting to see a doctor would like to self-schedule appointments, with 34% of those appointments made after-hours. 71% of millennial’s want to be able to book appointments through mobile apps.

With Zurili’s online booking:

    • Appointments are block booked automatically
    • Only shows 3 times for your available region
    • Only allows clients to book the appointment types that you want them to. Eg. Initial Consult or Second Appointment
    • Verified mobile numbers so you don’t get any fake bookings
    • Clients setup their own login so they can access their own appointments without your help
    • Online live chat support if your clients get stuck
    • Keep what you’ve got and just add on our online booking – with our syncrotron appointments can be synced in real time to your existing system
    • Pay-per-use – So you only pay when someone books an appointment and you are making money
    • Clients can reschedule appointments at no cost to you

Brendale, Queensland, Australia