SMS is currently the most reliable way to message your clients and have them actually read your message. Delivery reliability is typically well over 95%.

By using Zurili for your messages you get a lot of benefits:

  • Dedicated SMS number so clients can reply to messages and automations
  • Messages both sent and received are filed in the client Unified Communication record giving you a complete reply path and putting them in context with other client communications
  • Send once off text message easily because Zurili already knows your client’s number
  • Messages can be received and sent from anywhere you have a browser – in the office, on your phone, on your tablet.
  • Receive delivery receipts for all messages sent
  • Any team member communicating with the client can see the previous messages and be sure to be up-to-date with all communication eliminating duplication of work and errors
  • You can use a message template to save typing out 95% of messages. (See below.)
  • Your private mobile number stays private and you don’t have to maintain a mobile contract just to send inconvenient hand-typed messages.

Message Templates

Creating templates for common messages you send makes it super-easy to send accurate messages in just a couple of clicks. For most offices, 5 or 10 message templates will cover 95% of needs and so cut down on 95% of message typing.

You can add merge fields like the clients name, appointment type and time.


You can automate the sending of Message Templates over SMS around appointment events. This is very powerful for keeping your clients on time.


To send or receive SMS messages, you first need to buy a SMS-enabled number. This number then shows as your caller-id for outgoing messages and is the one your clients will reply to. The fees for numbers vary between country but are very reasonable. The fee for an SMS depends entirely on the country of destination and is independent where you send from or what number you buy. Check the fees on our Pricing page. If you country is not listed, please contact us, we are adding support for more countries all the time.

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